Nature is a concept which allows multiple interpretations. A common understanding is that it ends where the human world begins. As a photographer, I too have a habit of seeking nature by attempting to eclipse the human presence. This utopian approach probably reflects social unrest. In search of balance, I find inspiration in the wilderness, where man has less influence. As a discrete and passionate observer, I discover an infinite source of wonder in nature. Only then, do I try to understand my necessary place in this environment.

As a photographer, I simply ask myself questions about my environment and highlight what touches my sensibilities. This website is a personal confession, showing two-phased research. In the section "gallery", I share a view of my own limited nature. Then I learn to reconcile this with the human race through a work of "reportage". Naturally, this virtual sharing is meant as an invitation to a real exchange, whether you would like to seek my services, or just help me in my research.

Léopold Amory